Welcome to Inspired Intelligence Solutions


Hello and welcome to both my blog and limited company. I think of both as where I live and like every proud business owner, I try to make it look nice, up to date and somewhere you’d like to come back to and tell your colleagues about.

My name is Neil Faulkner. I grew up in Hampshire and lived in Malaysia between the ages of 3-5. Now, I live, study and work in beautiful and historic Guildford, in Surrey, just minutes from the University of Surrey and historic high street in the town centre. There are lots of wonderful cafe’s and restaurants full of the aromas of mouth-watering food and the best coffee in the world. I’d love to welcome you to my limited company, where I will take you out for coffee, lunch, or dinner to discuss your professional needs. You might also get to meet the most important girl in my life, Lucy, my beautiful Fiance.

I love business and finance – it isn’t just the transactions I complete but the people I get to work with and networks I can build, along the way. A core aspect of my career is the scarce, deep and specialised skill that I wanted to bring to the marketplace, alongside enhancing my business skills to grow a limited company! It’s true, I really do love what I do.

Before I became a full-time business owner, I worked in higher education at the University of Surrey, before moving on to corporate management consulting working for high end clients such as Wellcome Trust, Otsuka Pharmaceuticals and Royal Mail. It all started when one of my closest neighbours posted a job description through my letter box. I never looked back. I am extremely lucky to be doing something that I love and I never underestimate the importance of what I do for the people I meet. Now I get up in the morning with a genuine desire to meet new people and create a lasting business impact.

I hope you enjoy looking at the content on my site and if you would like to come and have a chat with lots of coffee and cake, then you would be very welcome, I’d love to meet you. Otherwise, I wish you the best of luck with your business venture!

We are experts in helping organisations improve their business performance by getting more out of their data. Our technology professionals specialise in delivering solutions that:

  • extract maximum value from business data
  • improve planning, budgeting and forecasting accuracy
  • extend reporting capability to enable faster more informed decisions
  • empower your business to analyse, interrogate and monitor key metrics

We offer a comprehensive range of leading technologies including Business Analytics from Prophix, Anaplan ,Targetik, IDU and SAP. These technologies combined with our skill set and experience, provide a holistic approach to any business analysis or performance management project.

We deliver value and this is our commitment to you the end customer.

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