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School of Management FBEL
School of Management FBEL

Our director, has started a postgraduate degree programme in Business Analytics at the University of Surrey. The knowledge gained from here will encourage an entrepreneurial and innovative outlook, providing further opportunities to engage with real-world business problems.

As Dr Wolfgang Garn states

Big Data drives big decisions and, as such, business analytics skills are more vital than ever in large organisations. They play a crucial role in supply chain management, operations management and finance, as businesses strive to increase their efficiency and productivity in order to build a competitive advantage.

Our MSc in Business Analytics equips you with these skills, giving you the ability to interpret, conceptualise and convert Big Data into useful information – thus allowing you to analyse, model, optimise and improve organisational performance.

Because of this, graduates with an understanding of business analytics are increasingly in-demand in the job market.

The programme centres on two main areas: the ability to analyse business data, and the skill of solving business challenges analytically. Through your optional choices, you can further specialise in either the economic or managerial aspects of the programme.

As part of the programme, you will also benefit from hands-on experience of a wide range of software tools such as simulators and mathematical tools (see below for more details).

Inspired Intelligence Solutions looks forward to bringing further practical knowledge into the market based on the following areas :

  • Data Analytics
  • Supply Chain and Logistics Management
  • Econometrics
  • Supply Chain Analytics
  • Machine Learning and Visualisations
  • Business Process Management
  • Informatics for Decision Making
  • Introduction to Marketing Analytics
  • Investment Analysis
  • Econometrics II
  • Foundations of Finance
  • Managing Decisions Implementation
  • Principles of Accounting